Ip Man 3: Wing Chun master, Fighter, Father, Husband


Ip Mas is good film. I had watched two film befeor, Ip Man 1 and Ip Man 2. In Descember 2015 Ip Man 3 had realesed in a movie. This film is trilogy abaout real-life grandmaster of Wing Chun Ip Man, who trained kungfu legends like Brucee Lee.

Ip Man 3 takes a different approach to Ip Man 1 and Ip Man 2. The film present beautifully crafted brutal scene. Yuen Woo-ping is choreographer into this film, he changes Sammo Hung, the choreographer of the first two installments of Ip Man.

Plots Film

Ip Man 3 tells of the period in which the Wing Chun grandmaster has taken on a peaceful life as a family man in Hong Kong. The setting is in 1959, around 10 years after the events in Ip Man 2 and 20 years after Ip Man, in which Ip Man fought Japanese imperialists during World War II.

He built Wing Chun school with some of student. In this film tells how Brucee Lee came to registered Ip Man’s Wing Chun School. He was tested by Ip Man, who he might turn off Ip Man smokin, but he cold not it. So, Brucee Lee postponed registering in Ip Man’s Wing Chun School. Brucee Lee was salsa trainer in this film.

However, Hong Kong in the 1950s is anything but fine. Corruption rules the police institution, which is run by British officers, and gangsters roam the streets threatening people to abide by their rules. Kung fu masters like Ip Man are often asked by community members to protect them from gangsters.

In Ip Man 3, The most people was scary with gangster. There was one dangerous gangster led by an American named Frank (played by former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson) . He lead shipping company in Hongkong and underground fighting with wager. He is obesessed with the ownership of a school where Ip Man’s son studies.

Frank ordered his worker to pushing headmaster to selling the school. They burned the school and Ip Man with his students helped them. When he fighted with Frank’s worker that burned the school, Ip Man met Cheung Tin-chi (Zang Jhin), who is also a Wing Chun master like Ip Man. They could save the school from Frank’s goons. Cheung helped the school because Cheung’s son goes to the same school as Ip’s.

Frank’s goons bade Cheung to join the gangsters. He was confused with a moral dilemma of upholding his principles as a kung fu master or succumbing to the seduction of a large sum of money offered by the gangsters. Finally, He accepted Frank’s goons offering and he fighted with a master in Hongkong.

Frank’s goons kindnapped some students, there Cheung and Ip’ sons too. They tried to divested them from Frank’s goons. After that, Frank ordered thai fighter to killing Ip Man. This scene is beautifull that Thai technique fight Wing Chun technique. Normally, one would think that the final showdown of the film would be between Ip, representing the vanguard of morality, against Frank, the sinister and evil gangster boss. However, the duel between them seems to show otherwise.

Their fight is excellently choreographed, but more of a comical fight rather than an epic and dramatic final fight. Tyson deserves a lot of credit for being able to show his versatility in dancing with Donnie to present a believable yet entertaining display of the mixture of styles between boxing and Wing Chung kung fu.

It turns out that the hostility between the kung fu masters and the gangsters only serves as a subplot of a larger rivalry between Ip Man and Cheung, who believes that his lethal and hard-hitting Wing Chun style is the true representation of the art.

In this film, Ip Man wife was sick. His wife only have six’s mouth to live because she was cancer sick. Ip Man accompenied his wife. He taked photo, tried salsa and maked comunication. He is good husband who love his wife very much. His wife gave request to Ip Man getting battle with Cheung.

Cheung developed his Wing Chun Scholl who wanted great grandmaster Wing Chun. He challenged Ip Man to fighting in his school. Ip Man did not come cause he accompanied his wife. Finally, his wife asked Ip Man to fighting with Cheung. This fighting was won by Ip Man.


Cheung biography is not explored bay scripwriter. Basically, Cheung is virtually just a side show for the most part of the movie. It is only until near the end, he plays a larger and more vital part. Yet, if Ip Man faces his greatest rival in his final saga. For example, why does Cheung fail to attain the prosperity of Ip Man despite the fact that both men are very skilled practitioners of Wing Chun? What happens to his wife and why does Cheung raise his son alone without a mother?

If only these questions are explored, then the epic final battle with Cheung would have more importance and meaning.

To make things even more confusing, there is also another side story relating to Ip Man’s wife and her battle with cancer. This, to be fair, manages to add another layer to the human side of Ip Man, but on the other hand, it is only takes time away from further exploring the essence of the story.


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