The Woodcutter and The King of The Mice


One Day, a poor man was cutting down some trees. He started to cut down the banyan tree. In the forest the king of mice lived inside a banyan tree. He cut the banyan tree what The King of Mice lived. The King of Mice grew frightened what the woodcutter did.

The King of Mice said the woodcutter to leave the tree standing and he would be giving him a piece of gold every day. The woodcutter agreed. So, every evening he met the king of mice to taking a piece of gold. The King of Mice took out a piece of gold from under the roots of the banyan tree.

After a few days, his wife asked him where the gold came from. He said that was not worry about that. A few days later she asked him again, but he did not tell her. His wife asked him if he didn’t tell her, she would go and tell goverment or even the king that he was robber.

The woodcutter was frigtened when she was angry. So he said his wife every evening the king of mice gave him a piece of gold from under the roots of the tree. His wife said him was stupid. His wife thinked the king of mice having a lot of gold. His wife said him had been tricked by a mouse. His wife order him whay he didn’t cut down the tree and took it all away.

After that, The woodcutter did what his wife said. He cut down the tree. But he didn’t see a lot of gold under the roots. The King of Mice had run away too.

That night, the king of mice crept up to the woodcutter’s house and took back all the gold. So the woodcutter was as poos as even.



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