The Olympics

The first olympics were geld in Greece at sixth Century B.C. The contest were allowed by men and greek only. The game only run was short race. After Greece underruled by Rome, Olympics were stopped.

The olympics was held again in the nineteenth century, after Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a Frenchman, held games again not only for greek people but also for many people around the world. We can say the modern olympics were held by de Coubertin in Athens, Greece, in 1896. De Coubertin made the International Olympics Committee. It has office in Lausanne, Switzerland. Committee made rule about women to compete. Women compoted in 1924 Olimpics on Montreal Canada.

The games in olympics res different types. There are individual contest and work as a group. Individual contest like swimming, running, and walking race, but work as a group like basketball, soccer, volleyball.

For athlete want to win must hardwork. There are axcelent atheles who compete alone, in small group or on teams. An athlete who wins the olympics is the best in the world.


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